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Europe throws its weight behind England...

Lennart Johansson
November 2006

"I told Mr Brown about the gentleman's agreement for 2006, but this time most certainly there will be a positive reaction because the other big countries in Europe - Italy, Germany, France and Spain - have had it recently and you have not had it since 1966. I would be surprised if UEFA did not vote for England this time although they are not bound by any agreement. I spoke with the Chancellor and he is very keen on the idea of it coming back to England. After Germany this year, it is going to South Africa in 2010 and to South America in 2014. The next time it might be back in Europe would be 2018. England have not had the World Cup since 1966 and I know there is a great deal of interest to support such a project." UEFA president Lennart Johansson.

Countries considering bidding

Bids for the 2018 World Cup will be accepted until 2010.

Which continent?

In 2003 FIFA announced that the 2014 World Cup will be held in South America, under its new rotation system (which begins in South Africa in 2010). It is not known yet to which continent the 2018 World Cup will go. Under the rotation principle the six confederations should host the event in turn. After Japan and South Korea in 2002, Germany in 2006, South Africa in 2010, and South America in 2014, it should go to either North America or Oceania in 2018. It is possible that the executive committee of Fifa decides that Europe, as the most financially powerful confederation, should have the tournament more frequently.

David Will (Fifa's vice-president)

Fifa's vice-president, David Will, mentioned in April 2006 that there was a "strong likelihood" that the 2018 tournament would be in Europe.

Sepp Blatter II

(as reported in The Age on 3 July 2006)

"It would be a logical turn that the competition goes back to Asia and Oceania (after that). If we have to maintain the rotation system then I would say Australia, yes, because they have the ability to organise the World Cup, I'm sure that it would be a very good organiser of the FIFA World Cup. Where they could come in as a bidder together with the Asian Football Confederation would be for 2018 but then definitely for 2022. The next step will be made in 2008 depending on the presidency of FIFA. If I'm still in the chair ... then I will try to make sure that the rotation system goes on because it is a democratic system and a system in solidarity."

Sepp Blatter I

In an interview with the Sun Herald the head of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, said: "The World Cup is a serious matter. There will be good contenders for 2018. The rotation system only goes until 2014. The rotation was a political decision to ensure the World Cup went to Africa, otherwise Africa would never have it".