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Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg joint bid : Soccer World Cup 2018

Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (jointly known as Benelux) are planning on formally announcing their bid for the Soccer World Cup 2018 in early 2007 (after the Netherlands elections). Belgium and the Netherlands previously co-hosted the 2000 European Championships. However, following the joint hosting of the 2002 World Cup by South Korea and Japan, FIFA cast doubt whether co-hosting would be allowed again.

Senator Alain Courtois

Alain Courtois is a member of the Belgium parliament, and was tournament director when the Netherlands and Belgium jointly hosted the 2000 European championship.

October 2006

"At the moment, we are just awaiting the outcome of the elections in the Netherlands next month, but after that we should be in a position go ahead in the new year. We will have brand new new stadiums here in Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp while the Dutch already have world class arena which will just need tweaking, so I think we are in the strongest position...Benelux is one political institution, therefore it is one bid with one organisation, not like Japan and Korea which had two separate committees".

July 2006

"Our desire to host the World Cup isn't ridiculous, but we need to get some big names behind our project. Germany had Claudia Schiffer and Frans Beckenbauer, we have Eddy Merckx, Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin-Hardenne."

Henk Kessler (Dutch association director)
20 April 2006

"This only can work if we all work together," Kessler told Dutch press agency ANP on the 20th April 2006. "In 2000 we played in eight stadiums over two countries and that is our goal again,"

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