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China's bid to host Soccer World Cup 2018

China is considering a bid.

Sepp Blatter

1 Dec 2006

"The bid for World Cup 2018 is not open yet. But under the rotation system, China have the chance to bid for the hosting rights of the World Cup."


Sepp Blatter (FIFA president) showed support for China hosting the soccer World Cup, after it successfully staged the Asian Cup in 2004. But Blatter added: "Since FIFA has ruled in 2002 that the World Cup will be rotated among the six continents, it will be a while before China could stage the World Cup".

May 2006

 A report from Sports Sina confirmed China's resolution to bid for the Soccer World Cup 2018, citing sources inside the Chinese Football Association: "This is China's maiden involvement in bidding for the World Cup, and the CFA is making active preparations...China is very likely to win out in the competition if all factors are taken into consideration...China's decision to bid comes from three aspects: support from FIFA chairman Sepp Blatter; support from China's top sports administration; and the experience the country will gain after the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games."

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Blatter backs China as Soccer World Cup 2018 hosts

10 August 2004

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Soccer World Cup 2018