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England's bid to host Soccer World Cup 2018

England, will wait until the 3rd quarter of 2006 before deciding whether to bid for the 2018 finals.


England are front-runners to host Cup 2018
Lennart Johansson
November 2006

"I told Mr Brown about the gentleman's agreement for 2006, but this time most certainly there will be a positive reaction because the other big countries in Europe - Italy, Germany, France and Spain - have had it recently and you have not had it since 1966. I would be surprised if UEFA did not vote for England this time although they are not bound by any agreement. I spoke with the Chancellor and he is very keen on the idea of it coming back to England. After Germany this year, it is going to South Africa in 2010 and to South America in 2014. The next time it might be back in Europe would be 2018. England have not had the World Cup since 1966 and I know there is a great deal of interest to support such a project." UEFA president Lennart Johansson.

Not enough space around stadiums could cost England the cup
Henry Winter
29 August 2006

"Where England's 2018 World Cup campaign struggles is the area around the grounds, according to Fifa sources. Unlike England, Germany were able to provide the huge tracts of adjoining space that Fifa require to satisfy the ravenous demands of the corporate and media worlds. For a billion financial reasons, Fifa dance to television and commerce's tune. As the small screen and big business underwrite the World Cup, their desire for space around the grounds must be accommodated, which is why England's bid is inherently compromised. The charm of England's urban arenas is also their weakness, in Fifa eyes. They lie at the heart of the community, hemmed in by rows of housing and work-places disgorging loads of modern matchstick-men. People flood into crowded areas on match days. Space is at a premium." Henry Winter writing for the Telegraph

Scotland urged to join English World Cup bid

In July 2006, Conservative Party MPs said they want Glasgow and Edinburgh to be added to venues across England to create a "British bid" for the Soccer World Cup 2018.

David Mundell
July 2006

"One of the strengths of the German bid was that they had 12 different cities each with stadia which could hold more than 40,000 people. When you look at England, there are ten stadia of more than 40,000 but many of them are in the same city. The bid isn't as strong as when you have games in different cities. If you add in Glasgow and Edinburgh, then it all becomes much stronger. Having Scotland on board would actually make the bid much better. The other point is that the World Cup is now twice as big as it was when it was staged in England in 1966. We need to utilise the fabulous facilities in Scotland."

Greg Hands
4 July 2006

"The chancellor at the moment seems to be going out of his way to downplay his Scottishness and, when making the World Cup announcement, he seemed to specifically exclude Scotland from co-hosting the bid."

Olympic effect

England will be hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics in the year when Fifa make their final decision about who hosts Soccer World Cup 2018. A brilliant Olympics would not win the Cup for England because the decision would have been made by the time of the Olympc Games, but any organisational difficulties in the months leading up to the Olympics could have a negative effect on a Soccer World Cup 2018 campaign.

Quotes about England's bid
Richard Caborn (Sports Minister)
July 2006

"The 2012 games will be a great showcase, and I have no doubts at all that if we really want to make a bid for 2018 then we have the stadia, and indeed the organisation that can more than manage that. Wembley will be the greatest stadium in the world, and will be a real credit to the nation. If we're going to do it, we've got to do it right, and it's got to be well thought out."

Sepp Blatter (Fifa president)

Sepp Blatter has encouraged England to stage the event, saying that the world governing body would welcome a bid from “the homeland of football”.

David Will (Fifa vice-president)

David Will told the Press Association in April 2006: "I would think England would have a very strong bid. The English bid for 2006 was much stronger than appeared from the pattern of voting but so much has changed since then anyway. Since they bid for 2006 the FA have started an enormous international assistance programme. They suddenly realised after the 2006 bid that the FA had become a little bit unknown in some parts of the world and have started this huge programme - that’s bound to help."

Hugh Robertson (Shadow Minister for Sport)

Hugh Robertson, gave his backing, saying: “I entirely support the campaign to bring the 2018 World Cup to England. We have the most modern stadiums in the world, the distances between venues are relatively small and it is an entirely logical follow-up to hosting the 2012 Olympics.”

Click here to see the petition which has been set up to the England Football Association to bid for the 2018 World Cup.

Gordon Brown (Finance Minister)

May 2006 - "I believe that intense excitement will grow in this country if England is able to mount a bid for World Cup 2018. To follow the London Olympics in 2012 with the World Cup six years later would be a magnificent achievement for our country. It would emphasise just how much of a sporting nation we are. And I am determined to play whatever part I can in making it possible. Wherever I go in the world over the next few years, I will be on a mission to persuade other countries that it is time for the World Cup to come here in 2018. We supported Nelson Mandela in taking the World Cup to Africa in 2010, and on my recent visits to Mozambique and other African countries, I asked them to back our bid. In future years, we will support our friends abroad in taking the tournament to Australasia, and back to Asia and the Americas. But in 2018, it will have been more than 50 years since this country - which gave football to the world - has had the chance to host the world’s greatest tournament. So we will ask others to support us in bringing football back home."

Finance minister Gordon Brown told the Football Association's (FA) official website on the 19th March 2006. "I hope the memory of 1966 will inspire the current England squad in Germany this summer and I hope it inspires the whole country to get behind a bid to bring the World Cup back to England in 2018."

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